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"Rivers, streams and waters are where we go to escape and savor our surroundings. Bringing premium culinary services together with guided fly fishing experiences is my strength and passion. My approach to cooking is absolute: utilize local, seasonal ingredients of the highest quality whenever possible, together with traditional and innovative methods of preparation and cooking, from the most primitive methods on the riverbank, to highly organized professional kitchens."


Scott Nechay


Chef Scott Nechay began his culinary journey over 25 years ago on the service side of the industry in Chicago, Illinois. His shift to cooking began while working in all aspects of the field, from restaurants, hotels and catering companies to private clubs in Chicago, Nashville and New York City. His skills were further refined while attending the esteemed The French Culinary Institute, now known as The International Culinary Center, in New York City. Nechay was also offered the opportunity during this time to show his skill set at many staged experiences at several top industry establishments.

After coming full circle and returning to Chicago, Nechay continued his pursuit in restaurant management within the kitchen before moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to begin his career as a private chef. 

With crystalline lakes and thousands of miles of blue-ribbon, fishable streams, Wyoming is the ultimate fly fishing destination. It’s no wonder that once Nechay moved to Wyoming he began guiding fly-fishing professionally and now has combined his two passions into one experience he truly enjoys.

For the past 12 years, Chef Scott Nechay has been cooking privately for local community residents and visitors alike, bringing his many years of expertise to both private homes and public and private events.


Private Chef Services

As a private chef, Scott Nechay creates restaurant experiences in the comfort of his client’s homes. He is primarily focused on smaller food events but his services extend to larger functions as well.

Chef Scott Nechay’s approach to cuisine focuses on utilizing local products whenever possible. Procuring products of the highest quality, whether from the local market or the finest food sources around the country are things Nechay prides himself on.

From there, he creates a menu tailored to suite his clients palates. He implements his extensive training, adds his own interpretation, and creates a style of cuisine that is his own and reflects the area where he happens to be cooking.


Guided Fly Fishing Trips

Most standard guided fishing trips entail a day fishing with a guide and usually only a basic lunch is provided, such as a sandwich, chips and maybe fruit. So Chef Scott Nechay decided to combine his two passions: cooking and fly fishing, to create a new and unique experience.

One of these experiences elevates the standard guided fishing trip. Chef Nechay comes to your home in the morning and cooks a wonderful breakfast to prepare you for the day ahead. You discuss where you will be going for the day and what to expect from and weather and fishing standpoint and perhaps review fishing strategy.

Once breakfast is complete and the group is ready to go, the team travels to the fishing destination for the day. Upon arrival gear is prepared, the boat is launched or the group is set up for a float trip in the drift boat or walk wade and the fishing day begins. Midday a shore lunch will be set up, for example sashimi with cucumber salad, soba noodles, sake and Asian sliders. 

Finishing out the day fishing at your leisure, there is no need to rush back for a dinner reservation as Chef Scott Nechay will be cooking and serving you a three-course meal and wine pairing that evening.

There are also several packages based around this that include 1, 2 and 3 day events, some with glamping opportunities as well a procuring high-end home rentals that will serve as a base camp for expanding fishing territories during multi-day events. Hosting and concierge are included.


Our Guides

Carefully chosen for their skill-sets, professionalism and passion for customer service.

Scott Nechay

Scott began fishing at the age of 6 on the waters in and around Illinois and Wisconsin. Several species were the targets. His family began showing him the ropes as a fly fisherman at age 11. He's continued to fish gear and fly fish ever since. After moving to Wyoming, he began his professional guiding career and has been passionate about it ever since.

Ryan Hudson
Born and raised in Missouri, Ryan began fishing at an early age along the Mississippi River drainage. By age 13, his skill set grew and began to tie flies personally and commercially. Shortly after High School, he moved to Wyoming to pursue his dream of the West to guide fly fishing professionally. He has been working at the pro level throughout the Intermountain West ever since and is now the owner/operator of Wyoming Fishing Company. 

Robert Gary
Robert is the owner/operator of Latitudes Outfitting Co., based in Hamilton,MT. Growing up in an outdoor family he has hunted and fished throughout most North America, Canada, Mexico and numerous countries throughout Central America, Europe and Africa . He attended The University of Montana where he continue these pursuits and shortly after college, opened The River Otter Fly Shop in Florence, MT. As of the last few years, Latitudes Outfitting Co. has been guiding and hosting clients throughout Montana, the Intermountain West and 23 other countries Worldwide. He brings a lot of talent and experience to the table and we are fortunate to have him aboard.

John C. "J.C"

Not sure where he was born or if he is even human...he may be super-human. We do know that he has been fishing since he was 8, he has lived in Wyoming for a very long time, has been guiding for many, many years...and can pour a mean cocktail. We are extremely happy to have him on the team.
p.s. He is afraid of the internet, so you won't find him here.

Trevor Anderson

Trevor is full time guide for Latitudes Outfitting Co. based with the company out Hamilton, MT. Trevor hails from the banks of the  St. Croix River in  Wisconsin where he too grew up in a outdoor environment. His Father being the outdoor column writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and having one of the finest Labrador Retriever kennels in the U.S., Trevor had the opportunity travel the globe fishing and hunting following his fathers work. Trevor then moved west where he graduated from the University of Montana and purses his outdoor passions as one of Latitudes Outfitting Co. veteran guides. You will be hard pressed to find a more passionate and knowledgeable guide thanTrevor and any day spent afloat or afield with Trevor is guaranteed to be a great one.







Areas of Operation


Green River/ New Fork River
Private Access throughout Sublette County and across Central/ S.Eastern Wyoming
Limited access on the Snake River in Jackson Hole
Limited access throughout Star Valley, WY
Mountain Access throughout Wind River Range/Wyoming Range


Bitterroot River
Clark Fork River
Blackfoot River
Missouri River
Several other drainages throughout Montana


"I have attended many of Scott's private dinners over the years.. His attention to detail, quality of food served and thoughtfulness to create a menu to suite our needs, has always exceeded my expectations. Scott has also guided me throughout Wyoming, both walk wade and in the boat...his teaching methods, patience and knowledge of his trades keeps me coming back. Can't wait to do it again!!"

David B.

"I have hired Scott on several occasions over the last 3 years, both for Private dinners and for his unique chef/fishing experience. His passion for both fly fishing and cooking absolutely translate into what is always an amazing and memorable experience!"

Darren G.
Los Angeles,CA






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