Spring Fishing 2018

Spring is here and we are all itching to get those fly lines wet. I try and get out on the river as much as possible, even in the winter months. December, January and February can produce some great, but short days on the water. This time of year, the river become a lot more lively…Midges. Trout are gorging on them now and will be for many more weeks. Depending on the day, there is definitely opportunity to hunt heads on the surface but the nymphing is super productive as well. We all want the quintessential surface eat on the dry. Not always the case. Many factors play into this, the big one..water temp. Midges begin their cycles in water above 32 degrees but really begin to do there thing and hatch around 42 degrees. Spring weather. If your looking to get out on the water, give us a call. My self and a sect few other guides are ready to make your spring fishing experience.

FishingKyle Fox