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Fly Fishing Guide and private chef services


Rivers, streams and waters are where we go to escape and savor our surroundings. Bringing premium culinary services together with guided fly fishing experiences is my strength and passion. 

My approach to cooking is absolute: utilize local, seasonal ingredients of the highest quality whenever possible, together with traditional and innovative methods of preparation and cooking, from the most primitive methods on the riverbank, to highly organized professional kitchens.

Scott Nechay

Scott Nechay


Guided fly fishing trips


Your standard guided fishing trip entails fishing the day with a guide and usually, only a standard lunch is provided (sandwich, chips, maybe fruit) So, I decided to combine my two passions, cooking and fly fishing to create new/unique experiences.

One of these experiences is where I come in to your home in the morning (time TBD based on time of year, weather/water conditions) and cook a wonderful breakfast. There, we can sit/discuss where we will be going for the day, what we can expect from a weather/fishing standpoint. Perhaps go over some strategy as well.  We then travel to our fishing destination, prepare gear, launch the boat or set up for a walk wade, begin our days

fishing and hopefully have much of the river to ourselves. Mid day, a shore lunch will be set up. Some Sashimi/Cucumber Salad/Soba Noodles/Sake/Asian Sliders as an example. Finishing out the days fishing at our leisure, no need to rush back for a dinner reservation, as I will be cooking and serving you a 3 course meal that evening with wine paired.

I have built several packages around this including 1,2 and 3 days events, some with "glamping" opportunities as well as procuring high-end home rentals to set up as "base camp" for expanding our fishing territories during multi-day events. Hosting and concierge included.




Private Chef services


As a Private Chef, I create restaurant experiences in the comfort of your own home. Primarily focused on smaller food events, my services extend to larger functions as well. My approach to cuisine focuses on utilizing local products whenever possible or available. Procuring products of the highest quality, weather in be from the local market to some of the finest food sources around the country. From there, I create a menu tailored to suite your palate. I implement my training I received over many years, add my interpretation  create a style of cuisine of my own, which is reflective of the area where I happen to be cooking.




Please contact us for current availabilities and bookings. 


Scott Nechay - scott@chefscottnechay.com