Fly Fishing can be for everyone

For decades, fly fishing was know to be an elitist sport, only reserved for those of deep pockets and the ways and means to do so. Fly rods and all the gear was super expensive, it still is today but now has a broad range of options to choose from and much more affordable. It's stigma has morphed drastically and today, it's a far cry of the past. Some of you may have even heard the word/term "Trout Bum" being thrown around.

Today, that word is used and relished by many. In fact, it's a badge of honor. An excuse to live a vagabond lifestyle.. always on the run and search for the next fish. Weather it be on the high country rivers of Wyoming or Montana. Maybe it's the backwoods of the Yukon Territory in search of massive Northern Pike tossing 8" streamers, or the woods of Alaska for monster Rainbow Trout skating mouse patterns, or the Salt Flats of the Seychelle's tossing shrimp patterns. Whatever it is, the Tout Bum is on the everlasting search for that next fish.

I have to admit, regardless of having many high-end clients I cater to, weather it be cooking or guiding, I can do a one-eighty and flip the script into Trout Bum mode. I enjoy it actually. Packing the truck up with all the gear, keeping the food and drink on a Trout Bum budget (bologna sandwiches, chips, and something super easy to cook for dinner) and camping along side the river. It's all about the experience and getting up at the crack of dawn, coffee brewed up quick to getting on the river, asap. Maybe even having a fly tying sesh the night before, whipping up the flies for the next day(s).

My point is, I want fly fishing to be for everyone and I don't want my fancy website to deter anyone from hiring me.  This wonderful sport that I grew to love at an early age should be available and enjoyable to everyone. You don't need $3000.00+ worth of gear to get out there and catch fish. Many can't afford the going rate for a guided trip either. This style of trip (Trout Bum) may not be for everyone. Maybe it is though?? If you want to leave out most of the creature comforts behind and roll like a Trout Bum, I say..Let's do this!!  Let's allow the weather and streamflows dictate where we go and get after it. Give me a shout, happy to run you through this.. I promise, it will be affordable, just hit me up.