Traveling Chef

Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m a road warrior. Back and fourth a lot between Jackson, WY, Bozeman, MT or Jackson to Sublette Co, WY, or just about any combination of the above. I enjoy driving. I get a lot of ideas, inspiration and work done on the road. Much more than I do when sitting at my desk. Its not super easy doing what I do, but for now, I rather enjoy it. Travel has always been very important to me. To be able to have and share experiences with myself and others. It may only be a quick trip up to a hot spring, a tour in the Park or even jut a quick drive around with no plan or destination in mind. Being on the road for me is like when people talk about getting immersed and lost in a book. Same thing for me, just a little more involved. I’m pretty sure I got the travel bug from my Mom. She worked in the Airline industry when she was younger and remember her telling me she wanted to see the world. Well, me too. I have fortunate enough for many years to be able to enjoy traveling and everything that comes with it. Connecting with people outside your world has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I was always asking my parents and grandparents to tell me stories of their travels and experiences outside of the United States. I also think part of the travel bug I have has influenced my cooking over the years as well. Sometimes too much.

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